I got my start in the stationery industry in 2012 when I found my passion for creating custom wedding invitations -  working in an adorable local stationery and gift boutique! After leaving the boutique in pursuit of working with and being closer to my family, it didn’t take me long for my  love of the wedding industry to pull me back in. Since then I have loved getting to create unique wedding stationery for each couple I am blessed to work with!


Before working in the world of weddings I remember being 8 years old and pouring over the Martha Stewart Living magazines that my family gave to me as they finished with them. I oooh-ed and ahhh-ed at how she transforms each project into something magical and timeless. These are the same qualities I want to bring to your wedding stationery. From these magazines I started to learn the value of design and specifically the value in how special it can be to help create memorable moments.

My enthusiasm for creating found me at a young age, which eventually led me to earn a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Central Oklahoma, in addition to acquiring a minor in Photography.


When I’m not hanging out with friends or creating new stationery suites you can usually find me with my dogs at the dog park, or working my day job at local tax and accounting firm with my family. Plus, because I may or may not be a workaholic, I also co-run a branding company with my better half, where we focus on branding and web design for local clients in Oklahoma City.


I’ve been told once or twice that I’m in love with love, and I honestly can’t argue that. I love getting to work with brides and help to make their wedding planning process enjoyable by making getting quality stationery easy and simple!


I started my very first "stationery" line at the young age of 10,

"designing" and selling handmade birthday and greeting cards for my mom's co-workers.

At 25¢ per card it was definitely a great deal!

just in case you were wondering



Eros was a young Greek god of love, affection, desire, and beauty. The son of Aphrodite, Eros was armed with arrows that caused his "victims" to fall in love. Basically, he’s the Greek version of Cupid! "


Eros" is also one of the four ancient Greek terms that represents a passionate or romantic love.

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